Build better Web apps with CBSE by PaaS

We are an innovative organization that builds the world's premier Web development platform and developers can access the platform through the Internet. Without setting up or managing any infrastructure, you only need to log on to start working. The component-based cloud development platform changes the development mode of Web application, and can create high quality Web applications faster and better.

Component-based Development

Component-based development provides a more organized reuse approach, the concept of "assembling rather than coding, integrating rather than implementing" provides data-driven business artifacts to dramatically improve the development speed and software quality of Web applications, dramatically lowering costs through the development platform online configuration, assembly and development of artifacts.

Automatic Management Interface

Automatically analyze data dictionaries, intelligently create data grids, rich custom configurations, dozens of form controls, comprehensive data validation, lightweight role workflows, powerful far wins Django admin backstage. Developers only focus on the Assembly and implementation of the components, without focusing on the development of the interface.

Online Integrated Development Environment

Anytime, anywhere online coding, automatic preservation of historical version, intelligent dynamic compilation, detailed debug logs, lazy loading execution, code complement full code folding, grammar highlighting, full-screen mode, adaptive content size. You only need Web browsers and database management tools to build Web applications.

Core Strengths

The world's leading web development cloud service platform, changing the way to develop Web applications
From Beijing Normal University, Peking University team of painstaking research and development

Development and application anytime, anywhere

Through cloud services, users can use browsers to develop at any time and anywhere

Assemble rather than encode, integrate instead of implementing

Rapid implementation of business requirements through component assembly and integration, upgrading software quality and lowering development costs

Automatic Management interface

Automates the generation of management interfaces, making developers monographs on data and business, improving development efficiencies

Low learning Cost

Users can quickly learn to develop, use component-based cloud development platform to complete Web application construction

Products and Services

The world's leading Web development cloud services platform, we're changing the way of developing Web applications.

Development platform

Use the world's premier development platform to create Web applications better and faster.


Provides solutions for various management information systems (MIS) driven by the cloud development platform.

Customer Support

24 x 7 quick Support, comprehensive customized training and extensive management services.

Online Courses

Publish Web Development practice online courses to enable users to quickly start web development.


Four licensing types, three commercial versions (Basic/Pro/Enterprise), two non-commercial versions (Free/Education), meet your different needs.
Compute resources are billed on demand by CPU, memory, storage, and network bandwidth.

  • Developer Small Business(1 Developer, 10 App)
  • Developer OEM(1 Developer, 50 Apps)
  • Site Small Business(10 Developers, 10 Apps)
  • Site Small OEM(10 Developers, 50 Apps)


10 Tables
  • $1000
  • $3000
  • $5000
  • $15000


50 Tables
  • $3000
  • $9000
  • $15000
  • $45000


∞ Tables
  • $5000
  • $15000
  • $25000
  • $75000